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This page will help you understand what is the wonderful world of HypnOS!

Hypnospace was a Internet service, created by brothers Adrian and Dylan Merchant, and their company, Merchansoft. It worked on the HypnOS Operation System, which allowed users to browse their computers while sleeping, with the help of a special headband. This wonderful invention is named Sleeptime Computing. On December 31, 1999, however, a dramatic event that everyone remembers happened.

16-year old Timothy R. Stevens (at the time known as T1MAGEDDON) created a virus, going by the name of Mindcrash. It caused strong seizures to everyone wearing the headband, and there is at least four known deaths.


V I C T I M S :

Tiffany Wright (1983-2000)

Mavis A. Greene (1922-2000)

Rodney Hooks (1943-2000)

Roddy Wall (1973-2000)


Extract of a January 16, 2000 newspaper, talking about the incident.


Hypnospace works with a system of zones. Each zones are like communities, where anyone can put their pages. In total, ten zones where made. As of today, every zone disappeared, but two zones were created for archival purposes.

Original zones:

- Hypnospace Central. "Welcome to Hypnospace! Rated best Sleeptime Social Network by ARCMag. Need help? Come here!"

- The Cafe. "Don't know where to start your Hypnospace journey? Join the cafe! All are welcome!"

- Goodtime Valley. "Remember the good old days? The great music, home-cooked food, and respectful youth? Relive it all here!"

- Teentopia. "A fun, safe place in Hypnospace for kids and teens to relax, hang out, and be who they are."

- Coolpunk Paradise. "On 1-1-2000 Coolpunk Paradise will become The Venue, a new zone for artists, writers, and musicians."

- Starport Castle Dreamstation. "A place for fanatics of Fantasy, Science Fiction, CogPunk, Gorth Vibe, and more! To the dreamers!"

- Open Eyed. "If you're not pissed off, you're not paying attention. Free thinkers only. Keep an open mind and open eyes."

- HSPD Headquarters. "Everything Enforcers need to know to help keep Hypnospace Safe!"

- The Stadium. "Sports, sports, sports!"

- FLIST. "flist master directory list"

New zones:

- Hypnospace Archival Project Team. "Get to know your fellow Archival Project team members."

- The Mindcrash. "All about 'The Mindcrash' and what happened at the end of it all."


Right now, Hypnospace is still (sort of) active. Old members of Hypnospace, including Timothy himself, joined the Hypnospace Archival Project, whose goal is to archive every single page of Hypnospace. The project appeared on March 12, 2019, nearly 20 years after the Mindcrash.

However, you can still command your version of HypnOS, as it is still in production, besides being created as early as 1998! Command your version of HypnOS on hypnospace.net and your headband here.


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